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Wound Care, the Bag Balm Way

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When we’re outside, we know how to royally mess up, i.e., we get hurt a lot. We’ve had lots of practice taking care of fresh wounds in the field. Here are our go to wound care tips.

Our First Aid Kit is different.

At work or play, we never go out without our little first aid kit. And, we don’t leave this in the truck – it’s in our pack at all times:

  • Water (for drinking, obviously, but this is essential for cleaning hands and wounds)
  • Layers, a clean shirt, an extra jacket or bandana (or 2!)
  • A travel size bottle of antibacterial hand soap
  • Bag Balm First Aid
  • A handful of assorted size and style bandages
  • Plastic bag for garbage/dirty items

We keep our bandanas and bandages in a plastic bag, so we know they are clean and dry.

Cleaning a cut in a messy spot is doable.

  1. Apply pressure to the wound and elevate it. Use a spare piece of clean clothing to create a barrier between the wound and dirty hands.
  2. Wash your hands clean of dirt and germs. Use your water bottle and a clean shirt or bandana to de-mud, then wash with soap.
  3. Once bleeding is slowed / stopped, clean the wound with water and soap.
  4. Apply Bag Balm First Aid onto a clean cut or scrape. The ointment will not sting, and will absorb in a few minutes’ time.
  5. Cover with a bandage or wrap with the remaining clean bandana.
  6. Pack garbage and soiled items into a plastic bag to throw away or wash later.
  7. We really hate to give up on a day outside, but sometimes it’s necessary. It’s better safe than sorry – pack up and head home or to a doctor if you think you need medical attention.

*This is not our complete medical kit – simply the items we bring in case of a cut or scrape. Reapply when changing the bandage, or as often as desired.

Antimicrobial Infection Protection

Bag Balm First Aid contains Benzethonium Chloride, which has antimicrobial properties. Many first aid ointments contain antibiotics. Ours doesn’t; yet, it still kills germs.

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