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Worried about Halloween

We’ve been thinking about classic Halloween characters.
And frankly, we are worried about their skin! Mummies
wrapped up, devils in hellfire, Frankenstein’s stitches and
bolts – these friends are in rough shape!

Good thing Bag Balm can handle even the toughest skin
challenges. We’ve got these monsters covered –

Here’s what our classic characters need:

   Mummy – 4.5 pound pail, for whole body treatment
   Vampire – First Aid, for bite victims
   Devil – 8 oz tin, for leathery skin
   Pirate –  Soap, obviously, because pirates stink
   Frankenstein – On-the-Go tube for lips, stitches, and bolts
   Witch – 1 oz tin, for all those warts
   Werewolf – Bag Balm Pet should take care of him.

And you?! Avoid chafe from your costume – use Bag Balm
before you head out!

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The legendary rescue balm from the farms of Vermont’s
rugged Northeast Kingdom. Skin care that Works Wonders since 1899.

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