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Sunburn Relief - Bag Balm First Aid

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Are you looking for relief from sunburn?

Bag Balm First Aid helps soothe, moisturize, and relieve burns.

Bag Balm has been making its famous salve since 1899. Bag Balm First Aid is a new, non-greasy, non-sticky formula designed to heal and restore skin.

Care for your skin with Bag Balm First Aid. It also treats and protects minor cuts, scrapes, and abrasions.

“Thank you from a generation of a McCoy family! Our Dad and Mom took care of four fair skinned girls with Bag Balm starting in 1972 for chapped lips, scrapes, and burns, but mostly to tame sunburn. I have been in the Coast Guard and handed off my can to my sunburnt shipmates.” – Dawn M.

“Growing up my mom would always talk about putting Bag Balm on sunburn but it wasn't until recently that i discovered that it REALLY WORKS! Thanks Bag Balm, you are truly a Miracle! And thank YOU mom for constantly reminding me to use Bag Balm.” – Britani K.

Find it in the first aid aisle at Rite Aid and CVS. 

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The legendary rescue balm from the farms of Vermont’s
rugged Northeast Kingdom. Skin care that Works Wonders since 1899.

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