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Savvy Pet Owners are Prepared to Provide Care at Home

Savvy Pet Owners are Prepared to Provide Care at Home image

For animal lovers, springtime sometimes means falling in love with a new puppy, and often means spending more time outdoors. Whether your pets are young or mature, whether you are a new or experienced pet owner, pick up some Bag Balm Pet to be truly prepared to care for your pet’s skin.

Bag Balm Pet is the newest product of Vermont Original’s 119-year-old brand, and can be used for a number of your pet’s skin issues

It’s proven effective to moisturize dry skin, and soothe hotspots and bug bites.

Lesser-discussed, yet common problems for dogs are dry, cracked noses and paw pads. Bag Balm is an intensely moisturizing salve that can soften and help repair even these tough areas.

Originally designed to soothe and moisturize chapped cow udders during Vermont’s harsh winters, its no wonder this salve is a must for pet owners.

It doesn’t sting, is safe if licked, and doesn’t expire. No dyes or perfumes. It’s simple and effective. Rub a small amount onto the affected area. On paws, cover with booties while the salve absorbs.

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The legendary rescue balm from the farms of Vermont’s
rugged Northeast Kingdom. Skin care that Works Wonders since 1899.

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