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Runners – Four Ways Bag Balm can Help You get to the Finish Line

Runners – Four Ways Bag Balm can Help You get to the Finish Line image

Bag Balm is an intense moisturizer that can help runners in a variety of ways. Here’s how Bag Balm can help you get to the finish line:

  1. Prevent Blisters – You break your shoes in, of course, and you invest in a good pair of moisture-wicking socks. However, that doesn’t guarantee blister-free feet. Blisters form when moisture and friction are present. Chances are pretty good this will be the case on long runs. Apply Bag Balm to your feet to create a barrier. Some athletes prefer to use Bag Balm as a lubricant between the sock and the shoe. Play around and see what works for you.
  2. Prevent Chafing – On long runs your skin may become irritated where it makes contact with seams or rubs against another part of your body. Training should include wearing your race-day clothes. Apply Bag Balm to any area of your body that rubs against clothing or skin. Click here to read some runners’ thoughts on Bag Balm and Chafing.
  3. Protect from Cold and Moisturize – Take care of your face. Protect your face and lips from becoming chapped or windburned. Rub some Bag Balm onto your cheeks. Even on lips, it lasts a long time. No need to re-apply mid-run. (Do note, however, Bag Balm will not protect you from sunburn. We recommend sunscreen!)
  4. Take Care of your Canine Training Partner – If you’re a dog owner, we bet you’ll take the dog along. (There are many great reasons to!) Pavement can be harsh on paw pads. We recommend you inspect your dog’s paws and clean them after a run. Bag Balm moisturizes and heals cracked pads and noses. Pet owners share their thoughts on Bag Balm.

Add Bag Balm to make your runs more comfortable. Keep a tin at home. Our On-The-Go tube is easy to carry. Happy Trails!

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