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New! Bag Balm First Aid

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Over the years, we’ve heard from scores of parents and health care professionals who use Bag Balm on compromised skin.

In fact, we lost count of how many parents say Bag Balm is the ONLY product that helps their babies’ skin.

And, we’ve heard health care professionals’ dismay when they are told they cannot use Bag Balm on patients because of its labeling.

We’re excited to let you know that Bag Balm First Aid, a new product, is recognized by the FDA as an ointment that protects and soothes minor cuts, burns, scrapes, and skin abrasions.

“I love Bag Balm First Aid! It’s simple, and serves its purpose. I put it on a scraped toe – works just like the original. Not greasy, and the bandage stayed on.  I can’t wait to share this with my dad – he’s 86 and still milking cows every day. He’s been using Bag Balm since before I was born.” – Carina Areli, long-time Bag Balm fan.

We know the idea of using Bag Balm on cuts and scrapes is not a new idea to our longtime fans.  Bag Balm “original” and “hand and body” are unchanged and not going anywhere!

And now, you can find our classic 4-oz. green tin with a First Aid label, in the first aid aisles of CVS and Rite Aid pharmacies across the U.S.

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The legendary rescue balm from the farms of Vermont’s
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