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Is Bag Balm Good For A Burn? Yes!

Is Bag Balm Good For A Burn? Yes! image

Bag Balm First Aid can be used to help soothe and moisturize burns should you happen to get one. (Hopefully you don't!)

Bag Balm First Aid is a new product that is designed to heal and restore skin. It's important to care for your skin and Bag Balm First Aid helps you do that.  It can also be used to treat minor cuts, scrapes, and abrasions. Hear is what some fans had to say:

“Thank you from a generation of a McCoy family! Our Dad and Mom took care of four fair-skinned girls with Bag Balm starting in 1972 for chapped lips, scrapes, and burns, but mostly to tame sunburn. I have been in the Coast Guard and handed off my can to my sunburnt shipmates.” – Dawn M.

“I burned my hand on the stove burner that I thought was turned off, boy was I wrong. I just got Bag Balm a few days before, and tried it out as it was close by. I was blown away at how fast it started healing.” - Mike R.

“When I was very young I got a hold of some matches. Those days there were no flame retardant gowns. My gown caught on fire. I had very bad burn on my left leg. Mom used Bag Balm on my leg. It really helped.” – Linda A.

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The legendary rescue balm from the farms of Vermont’s
rugged Northeast Kingdom. Skin care that Works Wonders since 1899.

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The Controversial Use of Bag Balm in Skin Care Management
There are many in wound care who use and love Bag Balm because it protects the skin and keeps it moist and smooth. Those that use it only use it for dry skin, never on a wound.
Is Bag Balm Good For A Burn? Yes!
Use Bag Balm First Aid to care for burns.
Sunburn Relief - Bag Balm First Aid
Treat sunburn with Bag Balm First Aid. Soothing, moisturizing relief.

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