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Embracing Fall with Bag Balm

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Fall is a time of shifts in routine. We make extra time to warm up the car. Dig out some outerwear. Turn on lights and heat in the evening. And, it’s a fun time to make treats like hot cider and pie.

Fall is also an industrious time of year. We button up the yard and garden. Prepare the woodpile. Replace screens with storm windows. Give unfinished summer projects a final push.

Somewhere along the line as we go about these projects, it happens. We notice our lips have become chapped and dry. Perhaps even split!

Make Bag Balm part of your fall routine, too. Apply at night to restore and help protect your lips. Other common spots that are bound to get dry this winter – hands, feet, elbows – let’s avoid that doscomfort altogether this year. Apply Bag Balm each night before our skin gets dry.

Fall is a time of slowing down and preparing. We make time to protect ourselves, our land, and our animals from the harsh season ahead. As we care for our plants, our houses, our animals – let’s also care for our skin!  

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