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Dry, cracked hands can stall your progress - Bag Balm is highly recommended by CrossFit trainers and participants alike for keeping hands in good condition. 

“When I’m doing CrossFit workouts with muscle ups, pull-ups and high rep barbell movements it causes calluses to build up on my hands. If I don’t take care of them they rip and that keeps me from training. So, hand care and moisturizing are big factors. I've literally tried everything. Then I heard about Bag Balm and buying it was a shot in the dark but, I was blown away! I haven’t experienced rips in 2-3 months since I started using it. It works better and lasts longer than other repair lotions marketed for CrossFitters. It is incredible and extremely beneficial!” – Jimmy

“I would recommend this product to anyone whose hands are rough from hard work, or lifting heavy in the gym. This is a real-deal moisturizer. Let it soak in a bit. It'll take about 15-30 min, but definitely worth it.” – Aaron

“I recently tested for my L1 trainer to teach CrossFit and have been doing a lot of pull-ups, ring work and rope climbs since I got back. My hands were very sore, (and) dry…I reviewed a lot of products and Bag Balm is everything people say it is! I've been slathering this stuff on in the morning, before bed and during the day a light coat over any tender or dry areas. A week later hands look a lot better and feel great.” – Tharizzo                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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