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Ways to Use Bag Balm This Spring

Ways to Use Bag Balm This Spring image

Springtime is on its way to the Northeast Kingdom and we’re excited for our fans to be able to get outside and use Bag Balm in a bunch of different ways.

Here are some ways for you to use Bag Balm this spring: 


Working in the soil takes a toll on a gardener’s hands, resulting in dry, cracked, rough hands. Many gardeners rely on Bag Balm to transform and rejuvenate even the toughest of skin.


Don’t let cuts and chafing put a damper on your return to the hiking trails. Pack an On-the-Go Tube to help keep skin in tip-top shape on a walk in the woods.

Spring skiing

There’s nothing quite like spring skiing, but it’s still crucial to treat skin with a little TLC. Skiers should still use Bag Balm on their lips and cheeks during a long day on the slopes to keep exposed skin moisturized.

Treat your feet

Get your feet ready for sandal weather! Slather Bag Balm on feet and sleep with socks to achieve show-off worthy softness. 

Spring Running        


Returning to the pavement after a long winter spent indoors can take its toll on the skin. Runners and cyclists count on Bag Balm to help them combat early season chapped lips, dry skin and chafing.

How do you use Bag Balm in the springtime? Share your story and let us know. 

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