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The Legend

Some say Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom was born out of sheer stubbornness.  

It is gorgeous and mysterious, with a uniquely Vermont ability to endure just about anything. Which is a handy thing, since until only about 13,500 years ago, most of it was encased under sheets of ice a solid mile thick.  

As you might guess from such an environment, the treasure of the Northeast Kingdom isn’t gold or silver. It’s a unique skin-saving formula called Bag Balm.

From Farm To Fame

In 1899, rumors flew around the Northeast Kingdom about a miraculous potion for chafed and cracked cow udders concocted by a pharmacist in Wells River. So one fateful morning in 1900, a Lyndonville farmer named John L. Norris saddled his best horse and rode 30 long miles to find out what the fuss was about.  

The minute he tried it on the first cow, John Norris knew what he had to do. He scraped up every penny he could lay his rough hands on to buy the formula and all the rights to market it.

He hired a product designer to create the distinctive green tin with a cow’s head and Vermont’s indigenous red clover on the cover. The legend was born, and it was too big to stay in the barn. Before long it was a staple in everybody’s home.  

Old locals still talk about how Bag Balm saved everybody’s hide in the winter of 1933, when the temperature fell to 50 below zero. In 1937, Admiral Richard Byrd took Bag Balm to the North Pole. During World War II, soldiers used it on their rifles to keep them in shape. After the Twin Towers in New York fell on 9-11, we quietly provided Bag Balm to be massaged into the scratched paws of search dogs who relentlessly roamed over mountains of rubble looking for survivors.  

And we guess that’s how Bag Balm became a staple of every home in the Northeast Kingdom, ready to rescue and moisturize every cut, callus, new tattoo, ski boot-chafed foot, Kingdom lip, 30-below cracked heel, or patch of dry winter skin of every member of the household right down to the zapped paw pads of the family dog

Time Tested

Now, more than 115 years later, the legend of Bag Balm continues to spread from farm to city, ski lodge to day spa, beauty editor to Instagram starlet to college triathlete and beyond.

Our formula has remained unchanged for over 115 years – it helps moisturize and soothe like nothing else.

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The legendary rescue balm from the farms of Vermont’s
rugged Northeast Kingdom. Saving skin for over 115 years!

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