Here’s what some of our customers say:

  • “I absolutely love your product! I have used it for many many ailments, but the most recent is amazing. I have recently undergone radiation basically focused on my neck and was told by the doctor that my side effects would now get worse. And worse they did get. I had a large first degree burn on my neck. I was given a prescription cream to use, but one day it hurt so bad and was so very taught, that I decided to try Bag Balm®. It healed within days! I am going to my favorite farm supply store to stock up! Thank you so much~

    — Barbara B.
    Stevensville, MD

  • “I work—and play—on the water, and conditions can be harsh. Bag Balm® solved the chapped and cracked skin on my hands and feet, pronto.”

    — J. Kenton Cameron
    Annapolis, Maryland

  • “Our dog came out on the short end of a pitbull attack. The wound on his forehead was very deep. I began applying Bag Balm® 2–3 times a day. Once healed, he won an award of Merit in the annual national Basenji (Barkless African breed) show.”

    — Fritz Stoop
    Morag, California

  • “My daughter has severe chapped hands, and is only 8 years old. The only thing that has helped her is Bag Balm®. Thank you!”

    — Jamie Purzol
    Yankton, So. Dakota

  • “The absolute best for dry feet and cuticles - I've tried very expensive creams and they don't come close. THE BEST!”


  • “Bag Balm is excellent. Over the years, I have had trouble with dry hands and sometimes even skin splits on my fingertips. Ouch. I've tried a lot of products but none of them work as well as Bag Balm Ointment. When I'm having problems, I generously rub ointment all over my hands, paying attention to my fingertips. Then slip on some moisturizing gloves for about a half hour to an hour. The scent is not perfumey. Actually, it's *not* pretty at all. But I've no complaints. It works!”

    Arlington, VA

  • “Fantastic lip balm! My lips have been very chapped and I tried all the usual lip balms. This one works the best. It can also be very versatile. You can't beat the price either. It'll last for a very long time!”


  • “Healed a crack in my dog's paw. I used this at night to heal a deep, nasty crack in my malamute's hind paw that was causing him pain. I first stretched out a plastic bootie (so the ankle part wouldn't be uncomfortably tight) then at night I washed the paw and put on the bag balm and the bootie. It didn't annoy him much, and every night it got a little better. It took 5 nights or so to heal completely.”


  • “Skin first aid for pets and people! I bought this product on the advice of a vet for our beagles to protect their paws in icy weather. I noticed that it quickly helped, not only to hydrate dry skin, but to help new skin to replace it. We use it on small cuts and scrapes on the dogs and cats, as they frequently give each other tiny cuts while playing. I also have started using it on myself on rough dry spots, cracked areas of skin on my hands and cuticle beds (I'm a nurse who love to hands suffer a lot), and on bug bites. It really cuts healing time of skin in half. As others have noted, the smell is gross and the product is oily, but then again I don't use it all over, just as a spot treatment.”


  • “Bought this for cycling, but only had tried it as a hand cream so far. I think this will work very well for dry hands, as it gives a protective, yet non-greasy coating over my hands.”


  • “My English Springer Spaniel gets ‘hot spots’ in his face and I always had to take him to a vet. This year, we healed them with Bag Balm.”

    — Martha Alger
    Honeoye, NY

  • “I have been using Bag Balm for 40 years, it works miracles on sunburns & small burns, if applied right after the burn it helps prevent the burn from blistering, it's great on dry chapped skin, I also use it as a lip balm & on my feet to make them soft. I highly recommend this ointment!”

    Houston, TX

  • “I'm a triathlete, and have lots of issues with chafing from my sports bra and saddle. I use preventative treatments (Ho Ha Ride Glide, Butt Butter, Body Glide, etc), but after 20 miles, it tends to wear off. I can't afford to take time off for the chafing to heal, so I need a product that heals it fast. Diaper rash ointments work ok, but Bag Balm is my go-to product. It smells horrible, but my skin feels better within a couple of hours and I'm ready to go the next day. I keep the large jar at home and the small 1.0 oz jars in my gym and travel bags. This is the best there is for chafing - try it; you won't regret it!!!”

    —Erin N. Patterson
    Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

  • “After massaging into hands, I swipe my fingers under eyes and on eye lids. Works better than any eye product I have used.”

    New York

  • “I originally bought this as an anti-chafing product for long-distance cycling, but it's also great on chapped, windburned (I x-country ski in winter), and extremely dry skin. I've rubbed it preemptively on my upper lip area when I have a bad cold, which works beautifully to prevent chapping. I've also started using it as a cuticle cream. One tin can last a long time, so it's a great value.”


  • “Great for breastfeeding. This stuff is great for breastfeeding moms as well as for those who are using a breast pump. The balm is soothing and makes sore nipples less painful while nursing or pumping. Doesn't interfere with milk, doesn't seem to bother the kid while he's nursing. Does make a big of a goopy mess on clothes, so beware.”


  • “Excellent product for diaper rashes! This will protect your baby's skin better than anything. And if baby has a rash this will get rid of it. Amazing product! I first came across it a few years back when my daughter had a bad rash and I use it today as a preventive on my son. Excellent! I only use Bag Balm and Triple Paste.”

    —Chloe1498, NJ

  • “WOW. My sister bought this for me for Christmas a year ago and I had no idea how wonderful this stuff was until recently. A month and a half ago, I binged on Red Lobster's "cheddar bay biscuits"... never again. Within hours the skin along the smile lines on my face and chin became dry. Since then, my skin has been SO dry. Disgusting, flaky. I've tried EVERYTHING. Then I remembered that little green tin in my closet. I rubbed it in and the next morning my skin looked 80% better. After doing that again, the dryness and irritation are GONE. I can't even believe it. GO BAG BALM.”


  • “I work in rubber boots all day and have recently developed Dyshidrotic Eczema from my feet being hot and wet. I was prescribed a topical steroid by my doctor but it provided little relief. I started applying Bag Balm two to three times a day for three days now and I have seen a huge improvement already. The fact that it won't just rub off while I am working puts if way ahead of every other product I have used and I swear by it.”


  • “Love this product! I use Bag Balm as a diaper rash cream. My mother used it with me and I in turn have used it for my own kids. Bag Balm seems to create a more effective barrier on the skin against moisture and clears up any existing rash quickly. It also cleans up easily off of the baby's bottom. It works way better than the other diaper rash ointment out on the market. I would recommend this to anyone.”

    —J. Luna, Seattle, WA

  • “A friend started to use this product on her son for diaper rashes. It worked so well, that soon all the parents in my day care room were buying it! It didn't take long for the little green tins to invade the whole center. My sons have very sensitive skin, and Bag Balm always starts to clear away even the worst rashes within minutes. My husband actually demanded that I never be without it!! It really doesn't smell any stronger than A&D, and isn't any messier than A&D. It wipes off fairly easily also.”

    San Antonio, TX

  • “This stuff is AMAZING! I have very dry hands and a few fingers that are cracked from being outside and using my hands to work in the garden and with horses. The inside of my right thumb gets so dry that it cracks and sometimes bleeds. I use this Bag Balm on my very dry spots in the morning and at night and within 2 days I saw a remarkable difference. It's very thick and greasy and it does have a medicinal smell to it, so you may not want to put it on & go out somewhere right away, but it does work! I use it on my feet and calluses also. At night I try to put it on my hands and feet and wear gloves and socks to bed so that it can soak in overnight. It's really helped my hands feel better and look better.”

    —Horse Lover

  • “I am a teacher and therefore have very dry hands. The constant hand washing strips my skin of all moisture. Before Bag Balm my cuticles were always cracked, peeling, and sore. I came to think that nothing in the world could replenish the moisture lost UNTIL BAG BALM! This stuff is simply amazing. My favorite thing about is the fact that while its very rich and greasy (like Vaseline) at first, it soaks into my skin in just a few minutes (unlike Vaseline). Pack it on at night for the best results. Also, wearing gloves increases softness ten-fold. Use on your feet too if you like and put on a pair of warm socks and wake up to princess (or prince) feet.”


  • “What we like: It's great for soothing saddle sores, or any other abrasion. After you talk yourself past the fact that the stuff is made to soothe cow udders, you can realize the beauty of Bag Balm. Smear some Double-B on saddle sores, chapped lips or scrapes to soothe and speed healing. It also works reasonably well as chamois lube--it's thick and tenacious enough. However, petroleum jelly breaks down certain materials (remember high-school health class?), so check with your shorts manufacturer before rubbing it on your chamois. Our Verdict: You'll never regret having a tin of Bag Balm handy.”

    — Review

  • “I have used this product for years. One of the main ingredients is lanolin. When you use it it is thick and adheres well to whatever skin conditions you are using it for.”


  • “If you have dry feet skin, this product is wonderful. I use it and wear socks to bed and the next morning my feet are amazingly healed. I also periodically use it on my hands at night with cotton gloves.”


  • “A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!!! :D My feet feel like a teenager again. My feet are so so happy that I bought Bag Balm. I actually heard about it in a tip from a Thrifty Fun e-newsletter that I get every week.

    The tip was this: if you have super dry cracking heels that you are tired of trying to pumice, then use Bag Balm every night when going to bed. Apply a thin layer, and cover feet with thin socks and after a while you'll have super soft feet/heels again!

    Well, since I'm lousy with a pumice stone, I figured what have I got to lose?

    It worked like a dream - when I got the product in, I didn't realize that it was developed for use on cow udders in the colder climate up north. All I care about is that after 10 days of applying every night to my broken/cracked/old-lady-looking heels, my feet feel like a teenager again - and I'm not embarrassed to wear sandals either!

    So glad that I'm getting my feet into summer-shoe-shape now while it's still cold. I live in flips and now I won't be embarrassed by my feet, and when my daughter wants to cuddle with me, she won't complain that my feet are "sticking her" because they'll be smooth as silk. ”

    —Anne Pritchard
    Olive Branch, MS

  • “Great for cycling; I have been using this stuff recently on longer bike rides and it seems to be working wonders. Cheaper and more viscous than the chamois cream I was using before. I'll definitely buy another tin after I run out.”


We’ve received hundreds of testimonials from people who use Bag Balm for everything from dry skin and eczema, to eye and lip care, to cuts and scrapes, to cycling, running, and pet care.

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